Talk Sports Photography with Nikon’s Jeff Mitchell

Join Nikon’s Jeff Mitchell for a casual and informative presentation on sports photography.

This program, sponsored by Nikon, is designed to help you build your photographic skill set. Break away from your work environment for a short period of time to listen, learn, and discuss photography.

The session will run from 11:45 to 1:00 with further time for Q&A after lunch. Although hosted by Nikon, the classes are designed to be brand and device agnostic and all photographers, regardless of experience level, are invited to attend

Jeff Mitchell is a Senior Account Manager @ Nikon and has 40 years experience  with all aspects of photography  He has a passion for helping people capture great images from their life in order to preserve and share special moments. Jeff is well versed in sports, portrait and landscape photography and understands all aspects of Nikon’s system.

Join Jeff for lunch and improve your photography today!

Great Gift Ideas from KSP

Still at a loss for gifts for your photographer?

Here is some last minute ideas

that may help you out this season.

BKTMICPhoto Books

Every photographer is always looking for ways to learn more! And we have a great selection.


There are all types and levels of photographers out there who have yet to own their own camera but then there are those who are all about the latest equipment. You decide which photographer you are shopping for, and we will help you get perfect camera for them!



What does your photographer enjoy shooting? Macro, portraits, landscapes, or sports?  Whatever it is, help them capture that perfect shot with a new lens.


Photo accessories for phones

phoneaccesFor those few photographers who use their phones.


LargeMePhoto_Trans_Group_Coll._V386997510_Not every photographer has a steady hand, so why not give them some great legs to stand on or a great head for their tripod?

Toy or instant cameras

pink holgaThese cameras are great for the retro photographer lovers.

Memory Cards

leica-m9-memory-card-issueYou can never have enough memory!

Camera bags and Hard cases

think-tank-mirrorless-mover-collectionWhether your photographer is hiking, boating, or skiing the right bag or case in the field can make all the difference for protecting their camera and gear.

Camera straps, Vests, and Accessories

blackrapid2Most photographers have tons of gear to carry but only two hands!  Help your photographer out this holiday by giving easy and comfortable ways to carry their camera, tripod, and etc.

Electronic Flashes

NissinSometimes that pop-up flash just doesn’t cut it, so get your photographer that external flash that will really brighten up their face as well as their photos!

Lighting equipment


Whether your photographer is trying to put together a studio or just needs to soften up that bright flash, these gifts will definitely light up their faces!



Sometimes you just don’t want to use Photoshop….or because you know how many times your photographer has dropped their lens…

Action Cameras

waterproofThese cameras will definitely capture your adrenaline junkies awesome moments!

Prints and Media

Canvas-Photo-Prints-For-Immortalizing-Family-PicturesWhy should all of your photographer’s well-earned photos be trapped inside their computer? Help bring their work to life so everyone can enjoy them.


remoteTangled? Set your photographer free with these awesome wireless accessories…

Cleaning kits

promaster kitBecause we all know how down and dirty photographers like to get in the field


film 2For the Classic style photographer…


Camera-BatteriesThere is never enough power or batteries for a  photographer who can’t find a place to recharge.

Printer and Paper

printer and paper 2Photographers who like to keep everything a secret until the big show.

Photo Restoration

Photographers have been around for a long time and so have their printed photos, which mean some of their precious photos could have deteriorated due to sun damage or some other disaster. Bring new life into their awesome photos by having them restored to their original state.



gallasiA picture frame gives your photographers photo that beautiful and presented look.

  • Marccelli
  • FG galassi
  • Lawrence Frames
  • Gemline
  • Malden

Photo Classes

nightpromo (1)Photographers can learn a lot on their own but even more in class with a great teacher.

  • Basic Photography
  • SF Post Card
  • Studio lighting

Gift Certificates

And if all else fails there is always a Keeble and Shuchat Gift Certificate 

ksp profile

KSP Holiday EXPO

Today is the day that KSP’s Holiday EXPO starts and it runs through Saturday, December 7th. We will have manufacturer representatives on-hand to answer all of your questions between 10AM to 5PM today and tomorrow. Our hours for the EXPO are 9AM to 5:30PM with extended hours till 9PM on Friday. Come on by and take advantage of our special savings and classes.