81 Bees Exhibit at KSP

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August 11—September 13, 2016
Reception: August 20th 3:00–5:00PM
KSP Gallery


Artists Statement: The 81 Bees is a collective of fine art photographers, will be having a group exhibit at Keeble and Shuchat Photography.

There is powerful inherent beauty in botanicals, encompassing flowers, ferns, cacti, and leaves. Their colors, intricate geometry, shapes, and patterns are dramatic and produce a diverse range of images. The intricacy of botanicals is further revealed when viewed closely. This group of photographs celebrates a personal vision of the splendor and uniqueness of botanicals.


Ben Cintz Exhibit at KSP


July 14—August 10, 2016
Reception: July 17th 1:00–4:00PM
KSP Gallery


Artists Statement: Ben’s favorite form of photographic expression is “street photography” which Ben describes as “recording a moment that expresses the relationship of the subject to his or her surroundings.”  The following comment made to him about a series of photographs taken in New York captures what Ben seeks to achieve with his street photos.

Broadly speaking, the images work superbly as a reflection on the human comedy of New York urban life.  I obviously don’t mean comedy in the sense of the images being primarily funny—although there are clearly humorous elements in some of them.  Instead, the photos work together as a kind of celebration of the heterogeneity of American urban life, opening a generous perspective on individual idiosyncrasy and the messy richness of life.  The photos—and your eye—strike me (within these photos at least) as agreeably upbeat, savoring life rather than dwelling on life’s tragic dimensions. (I realize that a documentary photographer, for example, could certainly find photographic traces of deeply sad and indeed tragic stories in Manhattan.  But that’s not at all what you’re up to within this group of images.)

Ben’s work also includes photos that do not fit in the genre of street photography.  The presence of geometric lines, color or shadow may alone serve as the subject of a photograph, as can be seen in some the photographs in the exhibit, which were taken in the United States, Costa Rica, France, Spain, and most recently, Israel.

L1034378Ben began taking and processing photos as a teenager.  His formal study of photography began while a student at Humboldt State University.  He has also taken photography courses and workshops through the de Young Museum Art School, the Leica Akademie, Stanford Continuing Studies, the International Center of Photography, and StreetFoto San Francisco 2016.

His photographs have been published in the Palo Alto Times and the Palo Alto Daily Post.

Ben has a part-time law practice located in Palo Alto specializing in employment law.

Ben can be reached at bcintz@gmail.com or (415) 810-4216.

Terry Shuchat Exhibit at KSP

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May 16–June 8, 2016
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery

Photographs from Terry’s fall color trip to Vermont and New Hampshire.

All images where shot with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and assorted lenses..

Rhythm 2016 Exhibit Open

Award Winner Card Front

The Richard Dischler Photography Workshops presents: Rhythm 2016, an exhibit of photographs by workshop members that have completed the 6 month Pre-Visualization Workshop. The exhibit opens March 12th, and is on display through April 12th.  The workshop will simultaneously be exhibiting award winning photographs made the members of their 1 Year, and 1 Year Plus workshop groups in the foyer of the Keeble & Shuchat Learning Center.  These images have won accolades in juried competitions throughout the country.


20120303-20120303-_MG_4200_lynnefarris_lynnefarrisOwning a pen doesn’t make one a writer anymore than owning a camera makes one a photographer. It takes more than the instrument to make the artist. It takes innate talent, discipline, desire, and vision.

Like a writer with his first draft, the writing needs editing, refining, shape, and vision. The same could be said for photography. Raw talent often needs to be inspired, shaped, encouraged, and enhanced. The role of this workshop is to help each participant discover and further develop his or her own photographic vision, with an emphasis on the art of seeing.

Award Winners

20131019-S07A0238_lynnefarrisPhotography is about capturing the image — not necessarily about the competition. Nonetheless, members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops have proven themselves once again to be award- winners. The accomplishments of the photographers in the workshop over the past seven years have been astounding.Time and time again, workshop members are not only well represented in competitions and juried shows, but in many cases overwhelm. There is a workshop standard of excellence. This standard is easily noted in the member’s printed images.


KSP Employee Exhibit at KSP Gallery

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February 11—March 9, 2016
KSP Gallery

Our somewhat annual Employee Show. Check out what KSP employees like to photograph.

—Jeff Alford

David Craven’s Moments In Time Exhibit at KSP Gallery


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January 13—February 10, 2016
Reception: January 31st 2:00–5:00PM
KSP Gallery

Artist’s Statement: My current Moments In Time endeavor is being exhibited at Keeble & Shuchat with the title of “Past, Present, and the Shape of Things to Come”. I expect this period to be an inflection point in the quality of my work, having recently taken Dick Dischler’s PreVisualization workshop, and now firmly believe that equipment and craft are secondary to “learning to see”. Since the exhibited images span this transition, I invite you to see if you can identify which images came from which side of the inflection (or just come and enjoy).

I have the good fortune of being able to travel broadly, and although the quality of the image is not dependent on the uniqueness of hard-to-reach places (even for landscapes), I enjoy the freshness that comes with pursuing beauty across three of the major continents covered in this exhibition.

Primarily dealing with fine art landscape and natural forms, I have been seeking a resonance with nature nearly all my life. This artistic pursuit seems so wonderful – to go immerse oneself in scenes of amazing beauty … and return with the ability to share that with others.

—David Craven

Palo Alto Camera Club’s 80th Anniversary Show at KSP Gallery

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December 10, 2015—January 12, 2016
Reception: December 19th 2:00–5:00PM
KSP Gallery

The Palo Alto Camera Club (PACC) was founded in 1935 by a group of avid amateur local photographers. During those early years inspiration and role models included a group of 7 important California photographers such as Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, and Edward Weston. In 1932 seven of these photographers formed one of the most famous and influential “camera clubs” in history—Group f/64. Their dominant medium was black and white film and large format cameras. They became masters of printing luminous black and white prints that set photography apart from oil painting as an art medium. 

Many changes have occurred since those early years of Group f/64 — color prints, digital cameras, video, and the ubiquitous selfies among them — but the unique attributes of a beautiful black and white print remain unchanged.  It is in this tradition that we offer black and white prints made by members of the PACC in celebration of our 80th anniversary year.

Come in, appreciate our portfolio, and recall the “ black and white print” art form that is most uniquely associated with photography as fine art.

—Stan Chism