Talk Sports Photography with Nikon’s Jeff Mitchell

Join Nikon’s Jeff Mitchell for a casual and informative presentation on sports photography.

This program, sponsored by Nikon, is designed to help you build your photographic skill set. Break away from your work environment for a short period of time to listen, learn, and discuss photography.

The session will run from 11:45 to 1:00 with further time for Q&A after lunch. Although hosted by Nikon, the classes are designed to be brand and device agnostic and all photographers, regardless of experience level, are invited to attend

Jeff Mitchell is a Senior Account Manager @ Nikon and has 40 years experience  with all aspects of photography  He has a passion for helping people capture great images from their life in order to preserve and share special moments. Jeff is well versed in sports, portrait and landscape photography and understands all aspects of Nikon’s system.

Join Jeff for lunch and improve your photography today!