Exhibit: Wild or Not

Wild or Not Rev June 10 2016-1 KB

You be the judge.

An exhibit featuring images by members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshop will be on display in the Learning Center Gallery from June 14 through August 1 2016.

Artist Statement

We homo sapiens are at the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. In this role, we are often compelled and inspired to capture what we see with a highly sophisticated mechanical device that records for future posterity what our eyes have seen and moves our hearts.

Therefore, members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops were invited to submit up five images of those creatures lower on the food chain, also known as animals—wild or not. These creatures include those found in their natural habitat (think jungle), or in captivity (think zoo), or in nature (think yards, gardens, and such), or in your home or someone else’s (think pet). Whether it walks on four legs, flies, swims, or just lounges around on sofas or cages, you are invited to view what delights our interest.

Enjoy our view of the wild and not-so-wild members of our planet.