Rhythm 2016 Exhibit Open

Award Winner Card Front

The Richard Dischler Photography Workshops presents: Rhythm 2016, an exhibit of photographs by workshop members that have completed the 6 month Pre-Visualization Workshop. The exhibit opens March 12th, and is on display through April 12th.  The workshop will simultaneously be exhibiting award winning photographs made the members of their 1 Year, and 1 Year Plus workshop groups in the foyer of the Keeble & Shuchat Learning Center.  These images have won accolades in juried competitions throughout the country.


20120303-20120303-_MG_4200_lynnefarris_lynnefarrisOwning a pen doesn’t make one a writer anymore than owning a camera makes one a photographer. It takes more than the instrument to make the artist. It takes innate talent, discipline, desire, and vision.

Like a writer with his first draft, the writing needs editing, refining, shape, and vision. The same could be said for photography. Raw talent often needs to be inspired, shaped, encouraged, and enhanced. The role of this workshop is to help each participant discover and further develop his or her own photographic vision, with an emphasis on the art of seeing.

Award Winners

20131019-S07A0238_lynnefarrisPhotography is about capturing the image — not necessarily about the competition. Nonetheless, members of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops have proven themselves once again to be award- winners. The accomplishments of the photographers in the workshop over the past seven years have been astounding.Time and time again, workshop members are not only well represented in competitions and juried shows, but in many cases overwhelm. There is a workshop standard of excellence. This standard is easily noted in the member’s printed images.