A Retrospective of Photographs by Gordon Haddow at KSP Gallery

October 10–November 12, 2014
Reception: October 18th 1:00–4:00PM
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery

Artist’s Statement: The photographs in this exhibition are a selection from my 25 years of tinkering in this field.

I believe that a good photograph comes about as a result of the relationship between the photographer, the subject and a precise moment in time.   The created image may evoke emotions in the viewer, which can be similar or very different to that experienced by the photographer, but always with a personal sense of connection to the representation.

Many photographers can remember the first photo that touched them in some way, as well as the first photo that they made that elicited a similar sense of emotion or wonder in others.

Black and white or color, landscape or abstract, people or wildlife, I hope these photographs will do that for you.

You can see more of my on my website: http://www.haddowphoto.com