Meet the Teacher: Ray Acevedo

Ray Acevdo tells us:


I’ve been able to spend my entire career in photography, working as a photojournalist, sports photographer and working for camera manufacturers. I feel fortunate to have had a front row seat in the introduction of and the continued development of digital cameras.  This transition from film cameras to digital has been a whirlwind and it offers so much more to photographers of all levels.

 With a grandfather who was a professional portrait photographer and a father with multiple cameras in the house, I began shooting pictures early.  My first real photo interests were shooting dirt bikes and most anything for my high school newspaper.  This launched me toward a photojournalism career, one which I learned a great deal due to its daily variety.

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My photojournalism career was followed by time managing a camera store and a freelance sports photography business that had me shooting NFL games in California and Arizona for many years.

My Olympus career began in 1998 and I’ve held many positions, but fundamentally, they’ve all involved product education for the reseller and the end-user. My current position requires me to learn the equipment by using it and producing pictures for a variety of company uses.  I feel fortunate to have been able to turn my hobby into a long career.