Meet the Teacher: Paul Van Allen

PVA Headshot

Just me, my camera and never enough time—Paul Van Allen

“Having received my first camera for my 16th birthday, I have been trying to make pictures for more than 30 years. My first paying job as a photographer was right out of high school when I was a “staffer” for a sports magazine. There I honed my skills in the photo journalist and studio aspects of the business.

I spent several years printing in a Professional B&W lab before selling cameras in a retail store. Both jobs were a gold mine for learning the gear and techniques that make better images. After 7 years as a camera store “geek”, I joined Nikon in 1994.

My current job at Nikon involves helping people learn to use their cameras better. (I also help keep some of the major retailers around the country up to date with the latest Nikon cameras and tech.) Part of my job requirements is making pictures with all the current Nikon gear. So, anytime I am awake, I probably have a camera in my hand and am trying to learn another new technique.

Photography has been a non-stop hobby for the past 30+ years… it has also been my job, in one form or another, for most of that time.”

~ Paul has held the position of Nikon’s National Training Specialist for the past nine years.

Paul will be teaching the following classes at our May event:

Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: 17853

Nikon DSLR Basics: 17854

Nikon Landscape: 17855

Nikon Hands on Workshop: 17857

Better Vacation Photos Made Easy: 17856