Finding Beauty in the Beast Exhibition by Michael Kern at KSP Gallery

KS 15 x 10

Finding Beauty in the Beast
December 12, 2013–January 8, 2014
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery

Artist’s Statement: From the graceful contours of wings in mid-flight to the splendid mosaic of scaled skin, photographer Michael Kern reveals elements of art brought to life. What began as a childhood fascination with reptiles and amphibians has evolved into a worldwide renowned collection of nature photography and a commitment to conservation.

Michael’s vivid images have captivated readers of many prominent nature magazines, calendars, and journals.  His images have also been utilized and are on display at several of the leading museums around the globe including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the British Museum of Natural History.

Michael has been photographing exotic and endangered animals of all kinds for more than a decade.  Working with conservation organizations, breeders, zoos, and in the field, his work has been published in numerous books, magazines, and calendars bringing attention and support to these endangered species.