Vincent Versace at KSP


The Lens is the Brush, the Camera is the Canvas, the File is the Sheet Music and the Print is the Symphony
Friday, December 6, 2013

6:30–8:30pm at the KSP Gallery

BURMA_D610_1367_FINALEvery artist has an instrument. Painters have their brushes and canvas, sculptors their chisels and stone, dancers their bodies. All of these instruments are used to express the artist’s individual voice and vision. For the photographer the instrument is a camera, the brush is the lens, and the canvas is the ultimate expression of artistic voice and vision being the final image.

D300s_VIETNAMIn this lecture Vincent will discuss the journey that he takes, or rather the journey that takes him, down the path of creating his images. From people, places and things, San Francisco to New York, Burma to India, infrared black and white to full-color visible spectrum, Vincent Versace will discuss his use of p cameras, digital infrared black and white as well as the lenses he uses, the post processing choices software, and why he makes the choices he makes.  It is not about taking a photograph, but how to be taken by a photograph.BURMA_20

VincentVersaceVincent Versace is an internationally recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography. His passion for natural light photography is manifest not only in his work but also through his role as a creative and technical leader, contributing to innovative breakthroughs across the entire digital image value chain.