KSP Offers Two Classes on Printing

Ice Berg South Georgia Island

The Craft & Aesthetics of the Fine Print
September 21, 2013 10am–12pm

Making a photographic print was always a challenging process. It could involve days in the darkroom, and deep consideration of the results and possibilities. Time, craft and care is still needed to make a fine print in this digital age. The raw interpretation and image editing is super-critical, and the confusing connections between software and printers challenging. But the attention to craft and the need for passionate concentration on the potential beauty of the photographic print remains. This seminar focuses on the craft of fine-art digital printing, and consequently will deal with raw processing, image editing, color management, print evaluation and the hard work necessary to make beautiful prints.

Steve will discuss old-fashioned testing, careful color judgements and interactive honing in on the best print possible. His talk will also include an exploration of print aesthetics in the digital age – what makes for a beautiful print? – do the new possibilities enhance our notion of what photography can be? – are we merely trying to imitate traditional photographic processes? Papers and their printing problems and advantages will be weighed, as well as their visual qualities.

Stephen Johnson ExhibitionIceland Aerial

From the Beginning: 20 Years of Digital Photography

(a few prints as retrospective)

September 21–October 5, The Keeble and Shuchat Learning Center Gallery


Stephen Johnson is internationally recognized as a “digital photography pioneer” with a unique artistic vision often referred to as a “new realism.” His work has been featured in Communication Arts, Life Magazine, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, and ABC Discovery News, among many others. His books include At Mono Lake, the award-winning and critically acclaimed The Great Central Valley: California’s Heartland, Making a Digital Book and Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography. Johnson’s photographs have been exhibited, published and collected in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Japan. In 1994 he embarked on With A New Eye, the ground breaking all digital photographic look at American National Parks. Steve was recognized by Apple Computer in 1997 with a ColorSync Profiling Excellence Award. In 1999, Folio Magazine declared the publication of Johnson’s digital photographs in Life Magazine to be one of the Top 15 Critical Events in magazine publishing in the twentieth century. In 2003 he was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Canon named Steve as one of their Explorers of Light in 2006 and sponsors speaking engagements with him around the country. In 2007 X-Rite named Stephen as a founding member of their exclusive Coloratti group of photographers and educators honored for their skills in color management.

What’s Next? The Fine Print!
September 21, 2013 1:30pm–4:30pm

Often we hold our images captive in myriad ways: cameras, smart phones, tablets, and “the cloud.” Have you ever wondered, “What comes next”? Hold your images captive no longer! Unleash them and learn how to make fine prints to share in the real world.

The afternoon will begin with a discussion of the “potential” of your images and proceed to a consideration of the process and aesthetics of producing a fine print. Erika Gentry, master printer and award-winning Professor, will unravel the process and encourage you to explore the full potential of your images. Participants will experience the joy of seeing their images realized as a personal work of art, ready to mat and frame for display in a gallery environment. They will learn about the printing process (software tools, printers and paper), while building skills and confidence.

A formal background in photography is not required. Enthusiasm and a willingness to challenge yourself (just a bit) are highly recommended. Participants will receive a free 8.5″x11″ print, the opportunity to consult with the instructors and experts from Canon, Hahnemühle USA, and a coupon entitling them to a discount on Hahnemühle USA products. Participants also have the option of including their submitted images in juried competition with a prize sponsored by Hahnemühle USA.

Participants who wish to participate in the live print session and receive a print of their image are required to submit two files. Instructions for submitting an image and file requirements will be emailed upon registration for the class.


Erika Gentry is a Visual Artist and Educator. She specializes in digital imaging, photography, education, multi media arts and fine art printing in the Bay Area. An early advocate of the creative digital domain, she has been teaching and presenting electronic arts and photography at the institutional, organizational and individual levels nationwide since 1996 and has been a consultant to many of the industry’s leading professional photographers as they converted from film to a digital work-flow. She has worked in freelance photography, magazine and book picture editing, art direction, advanced digital post-production, web design and as a curator and educator. She has taught one-on-one and group courses at corporations and colleges such as The Rochester Institute of Technology, The San Francisco Art Institute, Foothill College, City College of San Francisco and Rayko Photo Center. She is currently an Associate Professor of Photography and Multi Media Studies at City College of San Francisco and designs photography workshops in France.