Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba & Wildlife of Rancho San Antonio: A Photo Exhibit by Jim Liskovec


September 12 through October 8, 2013
Reception: September 25 2-4 PM

Polar Bears Of Churchill, Manitoba: A Photographer’s Perspective. Each fall, polar bears congregate on the shores of  Hudson Bay, waiting for it to freeze. After fasting on land for months, they’re eager to hunt ringed seals on the bay ice. Join wildlife photographer and world traveler Jim Liskovec for a show of 35 prints from his eight-day adventure, photographing the polar bears in Churchill, on the western shore of Hudson Bay. Jim shares his experiences exploring the Churchill Wildlife Management Area by “tundra buggy”, giving a close-up view of his encounters with 60-80 bears, as well as other species such as Arctic fox, Arctic hare, and Willow ptarmigan. Learn about polar bears’ unique adaptations to the fierce cold and how Arctic warming threatens the survival of these majestic animals.

Bobcat.3.16.07Wildlife of Rancho San Antonio County Park and Open Space Preserve:Close encounters. A companion group of 12 prints will be on display from his many years of photographing at Rancho San Antonio. The park and preserve are very popular with hikers, runners and walkers. As a result the mammals and birds are more comfortable with people, allowing close encounters.