New Class Taught by Jeffrey Klein

Take Creative Control: Get Off Auto

Saturday, August 10, 2013

jeffsmallsqclrIn this fun and exciting 2-hour class, Professional Photographer, and Instructor Jeffrey Klein will show you just how easy it is to move from the “Auto” mode that so many people use. Today’s digital cameras can produce outstanding images, but why let the camera decide your creativity? Switch to Aperture Priority and you’ll learn how to have softly blurred backgrounds, or sharp landscape photos. Try Shutter Priority and you’ll be freezing sports action, or creating silky waterfalls. You will be surprised at just how simple it is to create stunning images, once you learn how. In this interactive class, Jeffrey will walk you through these features, and you will learn which are the most useful for you to unlock your creative talent. Jeffrey will explain their functions in plain English, and teach you how and when to utilize them for best results.

Are you ready to leave the “Green’ mode and get so much more from your digital camera? The one question you’ll be asking yourself following the class is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Sign up today, learn the easy steps, and let’s go shooting!

Topics include:

  • Learn how to use shutter speed to take creative advantage of moving subjects
  • Learn what Depth-of-Field is, and how to blur backgrounds, or maximize sharpness
  • Eliminate the ‘guess-factor’ on ISO, metering, and white balance
  • Gain a real confidence in your ability to operate your camera
  • Composition ‘tips and tricks,’ complete with photo examples and discussion of how they are best employed

Jeffrey Klein is an award-winning, professional photographer with a long client list. Jeffrey and his wife Mellissa own J&M Photography, a San Ramon-based photography business. As the photographer for the City of San Ramon for several years, Jeffrey shot hundreds of events. Jeffrey’s clients include marketers, artists, wineries, senior living centers, RV parks, hotels, resort owners, and luxury condominiums owners.  His photographs have appeared in magazines, books, calendars, posters, websites, and greeting cards.