A Photo Exhibit by Jerry Welch

Jerry Welch

July 11 through August 14, 2013
Reception: July 20 1-4 PM

Jerry Welch was born and raised in Mustang, Oklahoma, a small town near Oklahoma City. He moved to California for college, first to L.A. and then settling in the Bay Area. He studied Ecology and Fisheries Management at San Jose State University. In 1997 he left his graduate program to go work for a (then) small internet company by the name of Yahoo!.

Like many kids he developed and interest in photography in high school, but it remained a casual interest until around the late 90s. Since that time he has worked with both analog and digital, 35mm and 4×5.

In 2002 Jerry took a workshop over near Mono Lake from Stuart Scofield. This turned out to be a watershed event in his thinking about photography. That workshop led to others and eventually Jerry began assisting in Stuarts workshops.

His show at Keeble & Shuchat represents work spanning 15 years and representing wide range of subject matter and techniques.