A Photo Exhibit by Debashish Basak


April 11 through May 8, 2013
Reception: April 20 1-4 PM

Debashish Basak, originally from India, got fascinated with nature photography from his childhood. He was raised in different regions of rural India, which gave him opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of the countryside. His love for nature and his mother’s love of gardening gave him the passion for photography.

An Electronics & Computer Engineer by profession, he indulges in his passion of photography at every opportunity he comes across. His main themes are Landscape and Macro photography. He prefers keeping his photos as pure as possible without any major enhancements through any software.

Debashish started using the family camera (Yashica) from 1982 and experimented with it. He has never attended any professional photography course, but improved himself on field experimenting and learning the hard way.

Encouraged by his wife-Ruma, son-Debarshi and various close friends, he has transformed from a hobbyist to a serious amateur, covering various events.

The exhibit at Keeble & Shuchat Photography showcases his long journey in his passion for photography.