On Location Lighting: Hands-on Workshop [Updated 3/26/13]

Eric Gould and Doug Peck

March 30, 2013 12:30-3:30

Pro Store and on location


Breaking the perception that location lighting has to be difficult, inconvenient, or compromised in its quality. This hands-on workshop provides the tools necessary to create unique and personalized images shot in parks, on city streets, at sports arenas, in workplaces, or in a client’s home or office. With an overview of equipment and a discussion on the essential tools for a shoot, this workshop walks you through the creation of dozens of location images — from casual head-shots to full-length, formally posed portraits. With strategies for meeting lighting challenges found outside the studio — from evaluating existing light to modifying or supplementing light as needed. This workshop will help you shoot confidently by developing a plan for creating professional-quality location portraits.

  • Outdoor Portraits – positioning the face for the best effect
  • Portraits at home or in your client’s office
  • Controlling Light – how light can flatter the subject
  • Making Portraits outdoors, at home, at work and in the studio
  • Understanding and using light in any situation
  • Looking for good locations
  • Using on-camera strobe, battery-powered strobe and studio strobe
  • Using umbrellas, light panels and soft boxes
  • Using hard and soft light effectively
  • Strobe vs. continuous lighting – which one – when
  • Information on setting up a home or travel studio

Maximum 20 students. Be sure to bring your camera.