Once in a Lifetime: An Exhibit by Paige Parsons


January 10 through February 13, 2013
Reception: January 19th 3-5 PM

Growing up, I always had a passionate connection to pop music. As a teenager, some of my best friends were UK music magazines like Melody Maker, Sounds, and NME. Photos by Kevin Cummins and Anton Corbijn transported me from my bedroom in San Francisco to the front row of an Echo and the Bunnymen concert in Liverpool, or to an icy subway tunnel in Manchester with Joy Division. Tour programs and album liner notes bridged the continents and made me feel closer to my favorite acts.  It all seemed so untouchable; at the time, even the idea of seeing my favorite bands play a live show seemed like a daydream.

One of the first artists I captured on film was Morrissey, during his first solo performance following The Smiths’ split. The anticipation and adoring adulation of his fans stirred emotions I’d never experienced before. It was then that I chose to explore the relationship between fan and artist through photography. Musicians may rehearse for a performance, but the fans complete the exchange of dynamic energy that fluctuates from one performance to the next; it’s never the same twice.

I hope those viewing my work will feel the unique rush of literally being between the spectator and performer.  Whether a show is intimate and sparse, or in a field with ten thousand fans, my mission is to capture the intense emotion of this unique relationship. It might seem to happen all the time, but really only takes place “Once In A Lifetime.”