Impacted By Life: An Exhibit by Dan & Eric Meacham


December 13, 2012 through January 9, 2013

Whatever the setting, life presents an endless panorama of potential images with impact.

Whether presenting a story with many images and one theme, or individual images with many themes, the photographer seeks to present meaning and emotion from what is seen and experienced in life!

Daniel and Eric here present a varied selection of images which including still life, landscape, Kosovo protest, Burning Man, and Occupy Oakland. Regardless of subject, each image has it’s own message. These photographs explore varied situations, presenting some of life’s great themes for us to contemplate! Color and monochrome each have strengths, so both are used here. Digital and traditional imaging are both seen in the pictures shown.

Daniel was taught by his father, then received formal training at three schools as well as pursuing extensive self-learning. His photojournalism was widely published, and he has won many first-place awards for images in competition. Eric loves traditional imaging, but also has a great interest in video since he is employed as a video cameraman at a local television station.