Is Your Camera Sensor Clean for the Holidays?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO… no its dust!

Over time, cameras get dirt, lint, or other foreign materials on the sensor. You may be noticing this as spots on the pictures when printed or shown on a large screen. The picture below shows a rather extreme sample with the dust and lint circled. One way to test for dust is to do a quick check by taking a  few test shots with the camera. To test for dust yourself,  first ensure your lens is clean, then use a short or macro fixed lens, set your zoom on the lowest zoom position, in manual mode and set the aperture  to f/16 or higher. Set the lens to the closest distance setting, regardless of zoom, and to make the image out of focus. Take some exposures of the sky or on a white surface or wall. On a computer screen or large print you may see some spots or specks that are on all exposures at the same location. This would indicate the need for sensor cleaning.

Our technicians in our Repair Department can clean your sensor for you in two days or less before the holiday rush sneaks up on you. Please call us for a quote at (650) 327-8996.