Leica’s Photokina Product Announcements

Photokina, the photography industries largest show. It is a biannual show that is right in Leica’s backyard. So it is only fitting that the prestigious German company would use this stage for the launch of many new products as well the debut of the next generation of their flagship product.

The highly anticipated M10 was in fact the Leica M which marks a major transition in the M series line of cameras. Featuring a new 24MP CMOS sensor is a marked change from the previous CCD technology. The camera will also be the first M series to incorporate 1080p video and Live View into the feature mix. Delivery is slated for early 2013 and will be available in either black paint or silver chrome paint.

Leica M-E with 35mm f/2 Summicron ASPHAlso new to the M series lineup is the M-E. One of the M-E’s most attractive features is its price another is its size. While the flagship Leica M sells for $6950, the M-E is $5450. This makes it is the ideal entry-level model at an attractive price. It also has an attractive size, both the M and the M-E are the smallest full frame interchangable lens cameras on the market. The M-E maintains the M9’s 18MP sensor an 2½” 230,000 pixel screen. The only color available is the attractive anthracite finish. Now available.

Tom Brichta, our Leica Sales Rep and Leica Akademie Instructor, will be in the store to talk about Leica cameras and photography on most Tuesdays between 10:00 and Noon.

Some interesting accessories were also announced at Photokina.

Leica R-Adapter M. For those of you that held onto their R lenses, you can buy this little adapter and use them on the Leica M. The Leica M lists over 20 R lenses that allow calibrated workflow and EFIX lens detection.

Leica Visoflex EVF2 Electronic Viewfinder that slots into the hot shoe of the new Leica M camera is available as an optional accessory. The Leica EVF2 has a resolution of 1,400,000 pixels and a 90° swivel action for capturing images from unusual angles and provides a cool “retro” look. When mounted on the camera, it displays all significant exposure parameters and allows precise control of composition, particularly in very bright light.

I look forward to seeing these new products arrive in our store.