Yosemite Fall Foliage Photography Workshop

Friday November 9 – Sunday November 11, 2012


Yosemite in autumn provides a unique window of opportunity for photographers to capture nature’s grandest show of color. Quaking aspens and black cottonwoods change from green to yellow, dogwoods snap to red and black oaks burst into bright orange.

The crisp, fresh air will stimulate your senses waiting for a sunrise while watching meadow mist rise and swirl around the trees. With learned instinct you quickly change lens settings to create a natural sun star and decide to insert a two-stop graduated neutral density filter to bring two areas of your composition into the same density.

Our objective is to heighten your perception of the natural scene, stimulate your compositional eye and give you the necessary tools to anticipate those quick decisions in the field in order to respond to changing conditions.

We think you will learn more in these three days than you ever thought possible.

Meals, transportation and lodging are not included. For more information or to reserve space in this workshop, contact Dave Henry at davehenryphotography@gmail.com.

Our instructor is Dave Henry. He is a Canon freelancer and professional photographer and has been widely published for over 30 years in just about every medium you can think of.

Early in his career he worked for a couple of camera companies, including Canon, and has spent the last 27 years as a photographer at The Sacramento Bee newspaper.

For over 30 years he has taught seminars and led photography workshops all over the world and covered assignments on five continents. He’s an early pioneer in digital photography as one of the first two photographers at The Bee to convert to digital in 1990.

His commercial work ranges from architectural, aerial, advertising, editorial, food and commercial photography to his personal work in landscapes. We are sure you will enjoy his warm, energetic and engaging style.