Basic Photography with Jonathan Parnell

Aug 4th, 2012    9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

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Jonathan Parnell will be giving a new addition to our class roster, “Basic Photography”. Jonathan will be covering subjects pertaining to all cameras in the DSLR and 4/3 arena. Jonathan has been in photo industry for ten years, five of them in our main store selling products and answering your questions. He will be answering those pesky questions about shutter speeds, apertures and depth of field and how many ways there are to control them.

Having problems with the digital world versus film? New to the DSLR realm? Menus, menus, menus what’s with all the menus?  Ask Jonathan he has the answers. Unsure of what all the icons on the dials mean? This will be an excellent class for you. Designed for the beginner, basic  but informative. Let Jonathan shed some light on these subjects in his casual and humorous way.