A Customer’s Nikon D4 Observations

One of the first customers to be delivered his Nikon D4 offered the following observations after a trip to South Africa:

When I ordered my D4, I had never owned a pro-body camera before. But, the promise of improved image quality, faster frame rate and great low light performance over my D700 was compelling.

Nikon D4 AF-S 300mm f/2.8 1/500 @ f/5.6 ISO 1600I was lucky enough to get a D4 right before our recent trip to South Africa and Namibia.  I shot about 3500 images with the camera on the trip and, simply put, I love it!

The ergonomics are great for a pro-body – it is comfortable to hold and comfortable to carry.

The 3.2″ display screen, while only slightly larger than the 3.0″ found on the D700/D3S, is brighter and has very much better color resolution.

The focusing is capability is wonderful.  I got some great shots of lions, elephants, springbock, great white sharks and sand dunes among others – a couple sample images are attached.

The low light cap capability is quite good even though I did not push it much beyond 2000-2500. I got a neat shot of a leopard in the brush at dusk which really pleased me.

There must have some big improvements in the Expeed software as even my Nikon GP-1 tagger worked much faster at GPS signal acquisition.

The weather/dust sealing seems to be much better than my D700 and the new battery lasts plenty long. I never felt I needed a second, spare battery – good thing as I did not have one!!

The the new Sony cards are cool and work just great.

Finally and most importantly, the quality of the images seems better. That does not mean all my shots came out perfect – there is still a learning curve when moving to a new camera but after a bit I pretty much got the hang of it.

I want to thank our customer for sharing his observations and images with us. –Jeff