Welcome to our new Blog

I’m Terry Shuchat of Keeble & Shuchat Photography.  We started as a tiny photography store in 1965, focused on high end photography.  Along the way we have worked with the community, photographing high school and college events, and even professional football.  Over the years we expanded the store to include the full range of photographic items from point & shoot cameras, up to large format professional equipment.  As the retail camera store grew we eliminated photographing events to devote full time to the camera store. The goal has been to provide high quality merchandise using highly skilled people.  We try to ensure that we have the best professional staff to assist you with selection and purchases.  Our inventory is one of the largest in the West, allowing you to do hands-on examination of items and make an informed decision.  Our active education department offers a variety of classes for all levels of photography.  When things go wrong , our repair department has excellent technicians who can help.  In summary, I am very proud of our accomplishments but mindful that the industry is a fast growing and ever changing and we strive to stay focused on delivering the best results for our customers. Please come in and browse.

With these blogs, we hope to give you additional insights to our operation, provide hints and tips along the way, and in general better inform you of what’s happening.