Bill Lattin Exhibit Of Mere Being at KSP Gallery

Lattin HF2878

November 12—December 9, 2015
Reception: November 21st 1:00–4:00PM
KSP Gallery

Artist’s Statement:  As Edward Weston once said, “anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.”  This exhibit, titled “Of Mere Being”, is a selection of my abstract black and white and color prints that celebrate form, texture and motion in the world around us.  For me, the successful image is one that evokes an emotional response each time it is seen – a mystery without end.

I have been photographing for over 30 years working in both the commercial and fine art areas.  My fine art images have won awards at the San Mateo County Fair and at Art in the Redwoods, and they are in private collections across the United States.

To see more of my past and present work, please visit my website:

—Bill Lattin

New Leica SL Available for Viewing at KSP

Leica SLThe new Leica SL is set to ship mid-November. This is a radical departure for the German camera manufacturer. First, it’s mirrorless. Second, it will accept most Leica lenses whether M, T, R or S mounts with the appropriate mount converter. Tom Brichta of Leica USA has left a sample here and it will be available through Sunday November 8. Come on by and check out the future of Leica today. Pre-order deposits are being accepted.

The Field Guide to Inspired Photography

Please join us on Tuesday November 17th for the
Tamron Tailgate Tour


The afternoon program features free classes and refreshments. No registration is necessary for the daytime events.

TAMRON will present an exciting seminar, The Field Guide to Inspired Photography: See It, Capture It, Work It, from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Tuesday evening.  Attendance at the seminar costs $25.00.   Please register online for the evening’s program.


Nikon Bootcamp at the Holiday Event announced.


Nikon will present a Bootcamp for photographers at the Keeble & Shuchat Holiday Photo Expo. Join Paul Van Allen at Keeble & Shuchat for 20+* hours of instruction over 4 days. The schedule features 14 events, 6 of which are exclusive to the bootcamp, including 8 Lecture / Demo classes, 3 hands on shooting exercises, and two social events.  Nikon will also furnish loaner gear for participants to use for the duration of the workshop.

Space in this workshop is strictly limited.


Nikon Bootcamp at the 50th Annual Holiday Expo
14 Events, 4 Days,

Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 1
Introductory Reception (SKU 20526)
PDF Logo Dec 3, 2015 (Classroom)
5:30pm – 7:30pm
$239.99 Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 2
Great Kid Photos (SKU 20530)
PDF Logo Dec 4, 2015 (Classroom)
9:30am – 11:00am
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 4
Nikon Basics (SKU 20527)
PDF Logo Dec 4, 2015 (Classroom)
12:00pm – 1:30pm
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 5
Big Flash – Small Portait (SKU 20529)
PDF Logo Dec 4, 2015 (Classroom)
1:45pm – 3:15pm
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 6
Live Model Shoot (SKU 20535)
PDF Logo Dec 4, 2015 (Classroom)
3:30pm – 5:30pm
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 7
Pizza Party (SKU N/A)
PDF Logo Dec 4, 2015 (Classroom)
5:30pm – 8:30pm
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 8
Sports Photography (SKU 20531)
PDF Logo Dec 5, 2015 (Classroom)
9:30am – 11:00am
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 9
Which Nikkor Lens? (SKU 20532)
PDF Logo Dec 5, 2015 (Classroom)
11:15am – 12:15am
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 10
Tips & Tricks? (SKU 20533)
PDF Logo Dec 5, 2015 (Classroom)
1:00pm – 2:30pm
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 11
Before & After Dark (SKU 20534)
PDF Logo Dec 5, 2015 (Classroom)
3:00pm – 5:00pm
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 12
Night Shoot (SKU N/A)
PDF Logo Dec 5, 2015 (TBA-offsite)
6:00pm – 9:30pm
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 13
Street Shoot (SKU N/A)
PDF Logo Dec 6, 2015 (TBA-offsite)
8:30am – 10:30am
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Gear Return
Gear Return (SKU N/A)
PDF Logo Dec 6, 2015 (Classroom)
10:30am – 11:00am
$inc Sign up
Nikon DSLR Bootcamp: Event 14
Wrap Up (SKU N/A)
PDF Logo Dec 6, 2015 (Classroom)
11:00am – 1:00pm
$inc Sign up

Events indicated in RED are exclusively for Bootcamp Participants


Ronald J. Saunders’ 47 Images Exhibit at KSP Gallery


October 15—November 10, 2015
Reception: October 17th 1:00–4:00PM
KSP Gallery

Artists Statement: This photographic exhibition of prints entitled “47 Views” is a selection of color and black and white prints, in 16×20 salon mounts with a single white mat overlay.   The presentation represents digital photographic work that occurred primarily in the last ten years. My artist intent is fine art landscape prints but I have included other subject matter as well. The majority of my work is in black and white prints because I especially enjoy working with the drama, mood, textures, and sense of light that is conveyed in that medium.

A third of the prints represent work completed in the last eighteen months after moving to Nevada from California. Most have never been shown in print to the public.

All of the art was printed in my studio using Harman 320 gms, Gloss Baryta, 100% Alfa-Cellulose, Fine Art Media, paper using an Epson R2400 printer with K3 inks. In the end it’s all about the print so please come to the exhibition.

Thanks for your interest in my work and feel free to contact me on


Wildlife Photography Workshop with Oliver Klink

Wildlife photographer and workshop leader Oliver Klink will present a lecture and two field workshops at Keeble & Shuchat in October.


Join Oliver Klink, Friday October 2nd, 6:00PM – 8:00PM at Keeble & Shuchat for a lecture on the techniques, experience, and rewards of photographing wildlife.  Oliver will draw on his vast experience to both inform and entertain you.  This program, lavishly illustrated with Oliver’s amazing images, will give you a primer on what is necessary to make great nature images: the  technique and gear necessary to capture the images you see in galleries, on the web, and in books. Admission to the lecture is $9.99, or included at no additional cost if you register for one of the field workshops.

Join Oliver, Saturday October 3rd, 7:00AM – 11:30AM in the field and practice the techniques he teaches.  This hands on photo experience, supported by Canon, will allow you to experience first hand the rewards of photographing wildlife.  This is a complete photographic experience. You will learn photo techniques, what gear is necessary and what is optional, discuss how a knowledge of animal behavior is a critical component in the photographer’s tool box, and learn a bit of natural history about the habitat in which you are photographing. Admission to the field workshop is $179.99, and includes registration for lecture and follow up session at no additional cost.

You can also join Oliver in the afternoon,Saturday October 3rd, 12:30PM – 5:00PM for another field workshop session. Admission to the field workshop is $179.99, and includes registration for lecture and follow up session at no additional cost.


 Participants in either (or both) of the field workshops are invited to join Oliver Klink, Wednesday October 7th, 1:00PM – 3:30PM at Keeble & Shuchat to share images, and discuss key issues in post-production for nature images.  Time allowing, Oliver will discuss next steps towards getting your work recognized and address participant questions. This session is included with registration for field workshop.


Oliver Klink’s studies in physics and photography were the catalyst for his love of light and the complexity of our existence. Today, as a professional photographer, he travels the world to capture the intricacy and interconnectedness of our ecosystems. The subjects BioPicture3range from fine art wildlife to vanishing traditions. The link between his various body of works, is the increasingly complex modern world constantly unfolding in new and unexpected ways. He captures our cultural changes, the environments we inhabit, and the insights into our world and ourselves. His artistic goal is telling stories with his images and making the viewers dream.



Presented in cooperation with Canon invert logo

Bill Moy Exhibit at KSP Gallery


September 10—October 13, 2015
Reception: September 19th 1:00–4:00PM
KSP Gallery

Artists Statement: I have been photographing since I was 14 years old. I take primarily black and white images. Today I still use film for specific situations, but I use digital most of the time. My photographs are in the context of Street Photography, urban landscape, the urban environment and travel photography.

The photographs in this exhibition are a collection from several of my portfolios and projects. Photography is my way to communicate and express my inner feelings and emotions. The images are the visual expression of my feelings. I choose subjects that give me a sense of peace, tranquility and solitude. The images speak for themselves and I hope the viewers will take something from these images with them.

—Bill Moy