Leica Photography Show at Keeble & Shuchat

Phalingshow-3The work of photographer Mike Phaling is featured in the Keeble & Shuchat Learning Center Gallery through December 23rd.

Mike is showing Black and White images from from his body of work on Point Reyes.

Please join us for coffee, photographs, and Leica chatter on Friday December 5th and Saturday December 6th between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM.  The artist will be in attendance and the event is sponsored by Leica. Tom Brichta, photographer, educator, and Leica’s rep will be present to host the event.


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Harmony II 2014 Exhibit at Peking Duck Restaurant

Hrmy2invite-emailAn exhibit of the work of Jay Bransfield, Craig Colvin, James McDonald and Robert Read is on exhibit at the Peking Duck Restaurant through February 7, 2015. These four fine art photographers are students of Richard Dischler’s Pre-visualizations workshops.


A Retrospective of Photographs by Gordon Haddow at KSP Gallery

October 10–November 12, 2014
Reception: October 18th 1:00–4:00PM
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery

Artist’s Statement: The photographs in this exhibition are a selection from my 25 years of tinkering in this field.

I believe that a good photograph comes about as a result of the relationship between the photographer, the subject and a precise moment in time.   The created image may evoke emotions in the viewer, which can be similar or very different to that experienced by the photographer, but always with a personal sense of connection to the representation.

Many photographers can remember the first photo that touched them in some way, as well as the first photo that they made that elicited a similar sense of emotion or wonder in others.

Black and white or color, landscape or abstract, people or wildlife, I hope these photographs will do that for you.

You can see more of my on my website: http://www.haddowphoto.com

Somewhere in Nepal An Exhibit by Michael Stewart at KSP Gallery

960111-0028-11b Monastery and Manaslu


Somewhere in Nepal
September 10–October 7, 2014
Reception: September 20 1:00–4:00PM
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery

Artist’s Statement: The photographs in Somewhere in Nepal span five visits from 1975 to 1995, totaling well over a year, and draw from over a thousand miles of trekking.

A Palo Alto resident at 6 months of age, Michael Stewart has lived most of his life in the Bay Area. At 9 he discovered a copy of Tiger of the Snows, Tenzing Norgay’s autobiography and accounts of his ascents, including the first ascent of Mt. Everest with Sir Edmund Hilary. A determined traveler as a young adult, Michael had been around the world twice before ever owning a car. He’s been around once again since then. In all he spent about six years traveling mostly in the developing world.

While it was the mountains that drew him to Nepal, it was the people and the rural culture that fascinated him. With the hills largely inaccessible by road the countryside is perfect for toot travel. Off the beaten path it was customary for travelers to stay overnight with local families along the way. This immersion provides a unique window; that of a participant. He feels that his style of photography is best described by Don Hewitt’s four words, “Tell me a story.”

All of the photographs in this exhibit are from 35mm film that have been scanned and printed digitally. Some of the films have survived better than others and it is only through the control available in the digital process that some of the older ones have been restorable.

Stateside, Michael has written high performance real-time imaging software for the medical and broadcast video industries “since time began”. He currently develops highly parallelized image processing and driver software for cameras in Android mobile phones with NVIDIA Corporation.

Destination or Location? : An Exhibit by 16 Local Photographers at KSP


Destination or Location?
August 10 – October 10, 2014
Open House: September 6 1:00–4:00PM
Keeble & Shuchat Select Gallery

An Exhibit of Fine Art Photography featuring the Photographs of These 16 Local Photographers:
Golnaz Abodi • Jay Bransfield • Craig Colvin • Bill Courington
Karen Friedmann • Tomas Garza • John Hampton • Paul Italiano
Ken Mahar • Amena Rahman • Robert Read • Rene Sterental
Rusty  Sterling • Lisa Tesler • Lori Washington • David Weitz

Artist’s Statement: Photographer Richard Dischler notes in asking those questions that many photographers believe they must travel to some exotic destination in order to capture meaningful photographs.

With those questions in mind, 16 local photographers were given a limited location to capture the images on display in this exhibit.

The photographers participated in one of two events early this summer. The first was a simple walk-about sponsored by Keeble & Shuchat Photography. The second was a Fair Stroll at the San Mateo County Fair sponsored by Keeble & Shuchat Photography and the San Mateo County Fair.

Many of the photographers are part of the Richard Dischler Photo Workshops at Keeble & Shuchat. The six-month and one-year pre-visualization workshops are aimed at guiding photographers to develop their ability to see strong photos before they snap the camera shutter.

The exhibit came about when Photographer Dischler challenged each participant in the recent events to capture six strong images in one hour. The walk-about participants were limited to the length of a local alley. The Fair Stroll participants had the entire fairgrounds to find their images.

The members of this exhibit extend their sincere appreciation to Terry Shuchat and the staff at Keeble & Shuchat for all of their support.

People, Places & Wings An Exhibit by Regis McKenna at KSP Gallery

Girl at Window


Regis McKenna: People, Places & Wings
August 14–September 10, 2014
Reception: August 16 1:00–4:00PM
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery

Artist’s Statement:  The photographs in this collection were taken in Africa, Alaska, the Amazon, Brazil, Peru, and the San Francisco the Bay Area. Although I enjoy photographing birds, I am not a serious birder. To me, birds are fascinating, diverse, colorful creatures that display distinctive characteristics and personalities. Although quick to flight, at times they seem to pose and ask to be photographed. Sometimes our interests and timing match.

Photography began as a hobby for me, and now it has become my passion. I use a variety of Nikon cameras and lenses but my favorite is the D3s along with the Nikkor 80 – 400mm and the 17-35mm Wide angle lens. Photos are printed on Hahnemuhle Glossy FineArt paper with an Epson 3880 printer.

More of my collections can be seen at: regisphotos.com.

Waterlines: An Exhibit by John C Alfano at KSP Gallery

John C Alfano: Waterlines
August 14–September 10, 2014
Reception: August 16 1:00–4:00PM
Keeble & Shuchat Gallery

Artist’s Statement: Lots of lines in life, no? They seem to come in pretty handy as we go about dividing reality into “this” and “that”. From the mathematical, with no thickness and infinite length, to colored lines that must not be crossed (also applies to those drawn in sand); lines in the middle of the road, lines drawn on maps, complex lines on a circuit board to simple “leading” lines in a photograph; and not as obvious, those we create in our minds and then act as if they are real…

Waterlines are interesting lines, especially for sailors; for one can say with a knowing smile, that these lines are where a sailor’s hopes and dreams meet water. From the  Tao Te Ching: “Under heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water. Yet for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is better; It has no equal.” Waterlines represent a tension that always gets resolved one way, sooner or later. Of course, this does nothing to dissuade us from trying to preserve those lines…

This new project represents a departure from my landscape work in terms of subject matter, but still reflects an approach I have been exploring for some time now, where I explore a given subject over a short period of time – a week, a day, or just a few hours, with some sort of limitation to make things interesting. The images that became “Waterlines” were captured in 3 trips to a single dock in Monterey, each visit lasting no more than an hour. A single walk out and back, with a fixed lens.
Link to website: www.johnalfano.com